Writing in a DayQuil Enduced Coma

*sniff. (cough) *unwraps a cough drop

There. Now I’m ready to write.  No. Not quite yet. I don’t seem to be able to breathe through my nose.  I’ll just pop a little of my handy dandy DayQuil and we’ll be good to go.

ah, liquid clarity
ah, liquid clarity

Now, where were we? Ah, yes, we were writing.  Hang on just need to grab a tissue. Wait. Where are the tissues? Nose is running. Dear God, why is there nothing but empty boxes of tissues in this house?

my precious
my precious

I’m saved. The last box of tissues. They’re MINE, all MINE!!!!!

Now, back to writing…. what was I talking about again?

Once upon a time...zzzz
The screen is dancing. It’s dancing right?

Maybe I should nap instead of write? Darn you DayQuil Comas!


I’ll be back! Soon I tell you! Soon!


Danielle Bannister

Author of Pulled, Pulled Back and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz








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