Look out 2013…here I come

After recovering from the Season of Snot (gross, but that’s what it was) I am starting to feel renewed.  (Maybe that’s just Spring talking, but I doubt it) My husband and I are back under the same roof, I am stepping down from one of the two jobs that was making me sick with stress, and Amy Miles and I are gearing up to write our joint book, Neatherworld, all while the third book in the Twin Flames Trilogy, Pulled Back Again, is pouring out of me.

My creative juices are flowing again (instead of the snot–again gross but true). Yesterday I worked with Amy on selecting our visual aids for the three main characters in Netherworld.

Our heroine, Tayrn will look a lot like this:

Our Banshee
Our Banshee

Our Human lead (the one I’m in charge of) Devlin, is this:

Our Irish boy.
Our Irish boy.

And the wrench in the mix is Aed, God of the Neatherworld.

He's gonna be trouble
He’s gonna be trouble

We start work on this in the next few days. Super excited.


In Pulled Back Again news, I sent my beloved Kari my ROUGH first three chapters, and this is what she had to say:

“My stomach is in knots!!!! Omg!!! This is the same feeling I got when I read pulled the first time…..sh@t girl! This is going to be better than the first two!”


Not a bad way to start the day. 🙂


Later gaters, I have some writing to get to.


Danielle Bannister,










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