Goodbye Swedish Fish… :(

This is a terribly sad post for me. As some of you may be aware, I have a slight issue with these red rubies.

ahhh, my beauties
ahhh, my beauties

I’ve even gone so far as to call them the fuel for my muse in an earlier post

I would have a bag stashed close by to every computer I was at. Open a drawer, there were the fish.  My co-author for the upcoming Netherworld  Amy Miles  was kind enough to send me SEVEN POUNDS of my beloved fish (all of which have been consumed, I’m ashamed to admit).

However, it is with great sadness that I am old. My stupid teeth can no longer endure the constant candy coating until I go to the dentist. (gasp!)  Since I am in no rush to get these teeth filled, I am saying goodbye to my beloved, but not forever. One day I WILL have dental insurance.  And on that day, I will consume mass quantities of fish!


Your time is coming my pretty
Your time is coming my pretty

Until that fateful day, I am forced to write without my muse, and I’m surprised to say I’m doing quite well without them.  I’ve got 8 chapters drafted on Pulled Back Again, and Two chapters down on Netherworld.  Maybe I never needed those cavity educing fish to begin with?  (gasp!)


Currently muse-less I remain,


Danielle Bannister, Author







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