Writing through Chronic Illness

For any of you who suffer with a chronic illness, you know it kinda stinks. One of the major reasons is because with most chronic illnesses, you don’t ‘look’ sick.

See? This LOOKS sick.


I suffer with Ulcerative Colitis. A nasty little illness that attacks your immune system like all good bugs do. But with Ulcerative Colitis, your immune system does it’s job and get’s rid of it, but forgets to tell your brain that it’s gone, so the fight to ‘fix you’ rages on and you end up with ulcers in your colon.  Not a good place for ulcers to live.  So you swallow down about 19 pills a day to keep your immune system from causing too much damage. These pills make you tired, so you have to nap. Now I am not one to pass up a good nap, but they are starting to get in the way of my writing time.  Me no likey that.

As it is, my days are filled with trying to find new ways to market my books to people who haven’t read them (only to watch my sales decrease -grrr), blogging about my writing adventures, (cause I’ve convinced myself you really DO want to hear my rants), shoving the kiddos out the door for school and tackling the mess that IS my house.  Throwing a nap into the mix of my very short 6 hour window to get everything done, does NOT help matters.

After said nap, you would assume I’d be refreshed and ready to tackle anything, but I’m not. The thing with chronic illnesses, is you’re never at 100%. There is always a part of you that is broken, worn down. In need of repair.

The reason for this rant is not to garner pity, cause trust me, it’s not. It’s to help me TRY to deal with my own frustrations regarding my limitations. I want to be able to get more books out to you ’cause there is sooooo much inside I want to share, but my body is fighting me on it.  I wish I could be like my friend, Amy Miles, who has plans to write 6 novels this year, but I can’t. I have to accept my limitations and work within them.  Easier said than done. I don’t like to be told no.

Now, who is up for a nap?



Danielle Bannister

Author and chronic sicko



4 thoughts on “Writing through Chronic Illness”

  1. I have arthritis and psoriasis, both auto-immune diseases. With both issues, my body is trying to fix things that it thinks are broken, but aren’t. As a result, swollen joints as my body thinks it needs to make more fluids, and one irritating case of dandruff from scaly skin build up (my body thinks it’s repairing wounds, and keeps producing skin that builds upon itself all through my scalp – grrrr). I have period of times when I’m fine (pain is about 4 on a 1-10 scale), and some months it gets as high as 8. I’ve found that’s its not the pain that is hard, its the CONSTANTLY being in pain that makes days difficult. I can sympathize with battling to keep a good attitude and maintain daily routines… best wishes as you continue your writing and get through your days. Happy napping! 🙂

    1. I feel for you. It’s hard when you WANT so badly to feel better but just can’t. One of the most frustrating things ever. Especially when it keeps you from doing what you want to do. I have a lot of joint issues too, so I can relate. Makes typing really hard some days!

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