Give Away Time (Not an April Fools Joke)

Well, it’s time to give away some good old Swag, I think.  Being a good girl, I’m doing it on my blog site instead of Facebook as I don’t want to have my page  shut down for using the social medium to give away my own product. To quote author, R.J. Keller:  “ZUKERBURG!”

Anywho…moving on to the SWAG.  Up for grabs today is:

1. A signed copy of Pulled

2. A signed copy of Pulled Back

3. A signed copy of my collection of short stories, Short Shorts

4. A Twin Flames key chain (made by yours truly)

oooohhh ahhhhhh
oooohhh ahhhhhh

HOW DO I ENTER THIS FABULOUS GIVE AWAY????  Just click on the link below to enter. The give away runs today and tomorrow. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

p.s. this is the first time I’m using rafflecopter, so let me know if it was too  much of a pain to use or not.

Danielle Bannister


10 thoughts on “Give Away Time (Not an April Fools Joke)”

  1. okay, I’m all about winning stuff…but I don’t have a facebook account, nor tweet or the other thing that gets you an entry for the free stuff…what about us old timers who hate social media? How do I get an entry in? Love ya, Me xo

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