There is soooo much to blog about…

I know that I have been away for eons. My bad.  As you know from previous posts, I just had a ‘staycation’ while my family went to Virginia to visit family. That left me and the empty house and one novel to finish the rough draft of. If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I did it! I finished the first draft of Pulled Back Again!

Woot! Woot!
Woot! Woot!

Of course, on the flip side of that coin, that also means the dreaded phase of ‘editing’ now begins.

True story.
True story.

However, THAT will begin next week. This week is for letting the story stew.

mmm... stew.
mmm… stew.

My staycation also involved preparing for my upcoming blog tour with Amy Miles in May.  There will be LOTS more to come on that in a few days, but let’s just say, doing a blog tour takes a lot of stinking writing time! Ha!

In the days to follow, I’ll also be telling you about two signings that I’ll be attending. So cool!

But for now, I’ll leave you hungry and craving stew.  You’re welcome.


Danielle Bannister

Author of the Twin Flames Trilogy:

Pulled, Pulled Back, and Pulled Back Again (due soon!)


2 thoughts on “There is soooo much to blog about…”

  1. Congrats on finishing the draft of Pulled Back Again! I know what you mean re the editing process – I’m currently knee-deep in editing my manuscript… But finishing the first draft of the final book in a trilogy is an impressive achievement (with due acknowledgment of the miraculous writing pj’s, of course! 🙂

    1. one must ALWAYS acknowledge the writing pj’s. They are, without a doubt, the one thing that keeps me sane while editing. I wish you luck with your edits. May your pj’s be forever comfy.

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