Check out all the stops!
Check out all the stops!

Today, May 1st marks day one, stop one of the Blog Tour of myself and fellow indie author Amy Miles.

For those not familiar with a blog tour, it simply means that bloggers around the planet have agreed to host Amy and I on the days listed above on their own blogs and post giveaways, give info about our books and interviews with both of us.  If you follow me on facebook, I’ll be posting where the blog tour stops each day, but the image above tells you too.

For this first amazing stop on this wild ride, I’ll be giving away a signed copy of Pulled or Pulled Back (winner’s choice) and 5 signed bookmarks!  Just enter below with rafflecopter!

<a id=”rc-0665a02″ class=”rafl” href=”http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/0665a02/&#8221; rel=”nofollow”>a Rafflecopter giveaway</a>
<script src=”//d12vno17mo87cx.cloudfront.net/embed/rafl/cptr.js”></script>

The Authors on this tour are:

Me: Danielle Bannister
Me: Danielle Bannister


Amy Miles
Amy Miles

Amy and I met on Facebook and over the years have talked to each other almost every day, although we haven’t actually met–yet.  We’re both attending a huge writer’s conference and exhibition in Nashville TN and we’ll see each other for the first time then! We get along so well, that despite our different writing genre’s, we’ve decided to co-author a novel together. No, not just a novel, a trilogy!  Book One, Netherworld is currently on our minds. I posted about this collaboration HERE!

I’m trying really hard not to post all of the fun stuff we have planned for the tour to allow those that want to take the journey with the blogs. So for now, I’ll just ask you to share this blog page with people you think would like to know more about Indie Authors. I’ll share the blog pages as I get them from other sites.

Until then, spread the love people, spread the love!

Danielle Bannister Author



  1. I had no idea you and Amy weren’t working “together” and have never officially met. That makes this collaboration even more cool. Keep up the good work!

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