A message to the post office: Stop losing my stuff.

Dear post office:

I know you get a lot of gruff about not being the ‘best’ in your handling of parcels, however, today I find myself agreeing with the majority rule.

I got a message today from a fan who won a signed copy of one of my books back in April. The 3rd to be exact. And I mailed out said book that very day (I’m good like that).  So imagine my shock when she e-mailed today and very politely mentioned she still hasn’t received the book. If this had been the first time it had happened, dear post office, I would have chalked it up to getting ‘lost in the mail.’ This missing book, however, marks the 4th book (that I know of) that hasn’t made it to its proper destination.


So today I make this plea to readers: If you are waiting for something from me and you still haven’t gotten it, please, let me know.

Danielle Bannister, Author


2 thoughts on “A message to the post office: Stop losing my stuff.”

  1. Hello Danielle,
    I write too,so many congrats to you.
    I sincerely agree with your views about our dear postal services.
    While living in a previous abode for seven years,I had problems for the whole period,from post getting lost,receiving other peoples`s mail,and being humiliated by a postman in front of my neighbours because I dared to ask why he had left me another person`s letter.
    Woe was indeed me,as I wrote complaint after complaint,only to be given a mild
    apology and a book of second class stamps.Oh,and they told me that my first letter of complaint
    was not received,despite me posting it in the box outside the sorting office !
    I remember as a young fellow growing up in the 60s,the postmen(no women) being
    sharp suited,clean and tidy.They all had manners and back then,we got THREE deliveries a day.
    I have come to the conclusion that limited intelligence is a big requirement for those
    wishing to become a postperson.You must of course be as scruffy as you can,a bit smelly,and use
    foul language(the worst,the better).
    You must be illiterate,thus giving out the wrong post,and must never smile,unless it is payday.
    Thankyou dear Danielle for giving me this chance of moaning to someone who really
    does understand the situation.
    Be well and keep writing. Gary K. Waters

    1. ha! Very funny observations! Mail three times a day! Wow! That must have been wonderful! The thing I find most frustrating is that in small towns, like mine, there aren’t any other affordable options other than the post office.

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