Why won’t my book edit itself?

So, I’m sitting at my computer, going over my second draft of Pulled Back Again, when I think: hey, why isn’t there an app for this editing thing? I mean, there is an app for everything else, why not this? I mean, it seems like there has been a slight oversight by those in the app business.  I mean, come on, how annoying is it to finish the first draft of a novel, do your happy jig around the house shouting “I’M DONE! I’M DONE! I’M DONE! I’M DONE! I’M DONE!” if, in fact, you’re not really done, in fact, you’re just beginning.

you mean, I'm NOT done?
you mean, I’m NOT done?

It just doesn’t seem fair to me. The last thing I want to do in the morning is read over what I thought was ‘literary brilliance’ mere weeks ago, only to discover, that the manuscript, is in fact, crap. Now I know from experience that the first draft is always crap, so that didn’t worry me. I knew I could ‘mold the poo’ if you will, into a book I’d be happy with. The real kicker came later.

That same morning, for giggles, I did a word count on the first draft. My novels tend to run about 60,000 words, so I thought my first draft must be around 45,000 ish. WRONG!  27,538.  Slap my face and call me Charlie.

No seriously, somebody slap me. Just not to hard, ’cause I’m a major wimp.

So the moral, dear readers, is that apparently, a story needs more than a skeleton to hold it up.

Just don’t tell this dude that. He seems like he’s having a good time.

It’s back to the old keyboard, I guess, to add the organs and stuff. grrrrrrr.


Danielle Bannister,

Author (and putter together of bodies, so it seems) 


3 thoughts on “Why won’t my book edit itself?”

  1. You should upload this to you tube too. Great job by the way. I’m sooooo proud of you!!


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