Who knew?

Show of hands. How many people knew that being an Indie Author was so DARN expensive?

Wait, if all of you knew, why didn't you tell me???
Wait, if all of you knew, why didn’t you tell me???

I know I’ve posted about the cost of Indie Authors before (clicky here if you wanna read that post), but I’ve learned this lesson even better after spending more time doing it.

Since publishing my books, I’ve spend just about every penny I’ve made on marketing them.

Graphic Design Work: $500.00

logos aren't cheap. Who knew?
logos aren’t cheap. Who knew?

Bookmarks: $100.00

Da bookmarks
They’re so shiny!

Trailer:  $100.00 (Click the link to see it) http://youtu.be/cUti8j4sWMk

Buttons: $50.00

They are cunning.
They are cunning.

Business Cards: $100.00

Rack Cards: $150.00

I DO love these
I DO love these

Editing fees$ 400.00 (and that’s cheep–It’ll cost me twice that for the third book)

Conference/signing at UtopYA in TN (Air fare/table cost/hotel/food+ books to sell there) $1500.00

Signing in Stamford CT (Gas for the 8 hour trip/hotel/books for signing/food/table cost) $400.00

Not to mention the cost of postage to those people who win give aways and the countless other things, like paper, toner, cost to use stock images, shrinky dink paper (can’t forget that!) and packing tape (I use a ton of that stuff!)

Now, you may think, wow, if you can afford all that you must be doing GREAT! And, I am doing okay, all things considered, but I’m BARELY breaking even. Such is the struggle with Indie writers. We’re always trying to give back to our readers. If we have a little extra in our account, we’ll most likely hold a give away of some of our material so that others can enjoy it. It’s what we do.

I mention this to you here in the blog now so that you can understand a bit better why I’ve decided to up the cost of my novels from where they once were.  Pulled started at .99 and I kept it at that price for over a year. For each sale, I’d only make  35 cents. It takes a LOT of sales to actually make any money off a .99 cent book. So as of yesterday, Pulled went to 2.99 (which is the lowest Amazon will let you charge if you want to make 70% off  your book). So for every book I sell now, it will be 2.07 that I get to put back into giving more stuff away!.

I realize my ratings are probably going to drop (not probably, they HAVE) but I’ve come to the point in my writing career that I have to allow myself to be paid more than .35 for my work. Especially if I’m going to keep at it.

I hope you will still keep reading and won’t be offended by my choice to up my prices.


Danielle Bannister











1 thought on “Who knew?”

  1. You shouldn’t apologize for wanting to make a living doing what you love. Keep up the good work.

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