Paying it forward

When I started writing three years ago, I didn’t have a CLUE about anything about the world of self publishing. And trust me, it is a WORLD of ever changing information!

too much information to process!
too much information to process!

I had to learn about things I would rather not have learned. Like how to format a book for kindle. NOT an easy task when you have no idea what you’re doing. Lots of trail and error.

So, when I saw a chance to help a fellow Indie Author out today avoid that hell of trying to figure it out on her own, I jumped at the chance. Now, some may have left the author to flounder and figure it out the hard way. (She’s your competition—why are you helping her?)

I help because, to me, we Indie Authors are all in this together. We all have stories we want to share, and this technical crap is something we shouldn’t have to try and figure out on our own. We should just be human and help people out if we can.

So, to give her a bit more love on her very first novel, I’m adding a link to her book.


Private Message

How will you Pay it Forward today?


Danielle Bannister, Author




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