I was filmed today…reading a poem…while I was driving.

So a few weeks ago, a friend, and fellow writer of mine, Eddie Adelman, was approached by Mark Kuzio of Maine Community Television and asked if he knew any poets. He was filming a program of local poets and knew Eddie was a writer and may have some ideas of poets. WHY he thought of me, I have no idea.  Granted when we performed in Belfast our infamous production of  Not Famous (Yet), I did perform ONE poem. The only poem of mine that I don’t want to gouge my own eyes out. Anywho…he set me up with Mark and today we filmed it. I was thinking he have me in front of a podium, sitting on a chair perhaps, maybe even outside. It was a nice day after all.

No. He wanted to film me reading the poem while I was driving through town.  Say what?

For reals. He mounted a camera to the side of my car, clipped a mic to my visor and taped my poem to the dashboard. (oh why oh why didn’t I have it memorized?)

Mercifully, he can’t be in the car or else he might end up in the shot, so he had me drive alone (with his very fancy cameras attached to my car) and I recorded myself reading my poem. With no sunglasses. And the window down. And the wind blowing in my face. I’m sure I looked much like this:


What I'm sure I must have looked like.
I can’t see!  The sun is too bright, there is hair in my face and I have no idea what stanza comes next


When instead, I had wanted to look like this:

Like this, but not in front of my computer. And a tad less head tilt.
Well, sort of like this, but not in front of my computer. And a tad less head tilt.

oy. For your viewing pleasure (and my humiliation) I will share the link of this epic video if and when it ever makes the light of day.


Danielle Bannister, Author



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