A post of clarification (please read)

I need it to be know for those of you who viewed my poem, I Am From, in my recent posts, that the poem in no way is meant to  say that I am ashamed of my childhood or my parents. I love my parents dearly, and honor their doing the best they could for me. I never went to bed hungry, I was never hurt by them. They scarified so much for me and still do. My family rocks.

The poem, however, was meant to be about where I had come from. No holds barred. An anthem, of the childhood I had– where I came from and where I am now. A sort of ‘F’ you to the world for trying to bring me down. The poem was sort of me saying that I was gonna climb every mountain life pushed in my way.

I just needed to make sure people understood that and didn’t think my childhood was shit. Cause it wasn’t. It rocked. As does my family.


Danielle Bannister



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