What’s a UtopYa?

So in a few short weeks (June 27-30) I’ll be packing up my bags and my books and heading to NASHVIILLE, TN for UtopYA <<< That takes you to there web site.

The Halo is a UtopYA 'thang'
The Halo is a UtopYA ‘thang’

Now a UtopYa is a conference for female ‘Young Adult’ writers and readers to learn from a panel of experts about the genre. Exhibitors, like myself, will have tables set up with books to sell and SWAG to give out to those readers who attend.  This link shows you some of my SWAG. 

The event is sold out, and has been for some time. Over 300 people will be milling about at this event, all ready to talk about what they love: reading and writing.

I’m supper excited about attending, except for one thing: I’ll be flying out there. By. Myself.

So what, you ask is so bad about that? THIS:

Yeah, this basically sums up why I don't like to flyYeah, this basically sums up why I don’t like to fly

I haven’t flown on a plane since my kiddos were born. I know, I know, I’m more likely to die in a car crash than a plane, doesn’t make me any less scared. So while I’m THRILLED to be AT the event, getting there and back home is going to give me an anxiety attack.

Gulp. Who is going to hold my hand while I squeeze the daylights out of it? Sorry random stranger that happens to sit next to me. You’re gonna be in for a bumpy ride.


Danielle Bannister, Author



8 thoughts on “What’s a UtopYa?”

  1. Danielle,

    I’ve never gone to a conference alone. If fact, I’ve only gone to one other small weekend conference with a friend. Going to UtopYa by myself is a thrilling and terrifying event.

  2. I almost had to drive alone, but my hubby was freaking out. “That’s how unsolved mysteries get started.” Those were his exact words. Lucky for me I was able to find my sister a ticket and she is riding with me. We are going to have a terrific time ladies.

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