Sooooooooo, what’s on the agenda now?

For the last several months I’ve been prepping for UtopYA and now that it’s over I get a break, right? WRONG! There is no rest for the wicked!! (or the poor)

First up: Finishing my Masters in Literary Education. I have two more weeks of classes this month and I’ll be done! Much partying will commence. (Not really. I’m no spring chicken. I don’t party like I used to.)

After that, I’ll be prepping for my next signing in Stamford, CT with no other than R.J. Keller!

Together with a third friend we’re gonna drive our butts the 8 hours down to CT and have a grand old time. Really looking forward to that one! If you’re in the area then, register to come: IT’S FREE!!!


No idea why my name is first, I think because no one else wanted to pair up with me. hahhaha!

After returning from that it’s straight into planning time for my ‘real’ job and hopefully getting PULLED BACK AGAIN out.  I am so ready for it to be done!!!

Finally, my covers are going to change. Not drastically, but enough to set them apart (hopefully) from all the other people that are using my cover. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! More to come on that soon.

Oh, and I may be teaching a fiction writing class at the Adult Ed program here in my town, cause, why not?

I need a nap now.

Danielle Bannister, Author


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