The things I left behind…

Yesterday I started one of my last Master’s classes with this writing prompt: Write about what you left behind to come to class.  Here is my list:

1. My second cup of coffee. (Not cool)

no coffee

2. A crying daughter who hates when her mama leaves (for any length of time)

Marina cuddle bug 004

3. A son who was frantically trying to finish a hand painted lego mini-figure of carnage to show me before I left (He didn’t make it)

4. A drowsy husband forced to wake early so that I could leave him in charge–again.

5. Edits. Pages and pages of edits for Pulled Back Again (sigh)

6. My graphic designer and her emails about my latest cover for PULLED.

7. THE HEAT (our rooms are icy cold)

8. My breakfast (why didn’t I remember the pop tart my daughter tossed into my purse?)

oh, how I want you...
oh, how I want you…

9. My nap.

I want you too
I want you too

10. My guilt for taking ‘me’ time.


Danielle Bannister, Author


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