So WHEN exactly is Pulled Back Again coming out???

Ah, such a good question. Anyone who has asked me this question has been met with the hesitant: ‘soon’ comment.  I REALLY wish that this post would be announcing that it was done and ready to go, but alas, it’s not.  Unfortunately, I don’t earn enough off my writing to do it full time so those pesky day jobs get in the way. Not to mention all the time the children and hubby seem to crave now that they are ALL on summer vacation (um, where did my writing time go?)

Well lucky for me, I may have found it in my final graduate class. It’s the Northeastern Writing Institute and we are charged with working on a piece of writing all week long. Class runs from 9-3 M-F.  That means all this week I get to work on editing!!!!

oohhh, you guys are gonna have a baby brother or sister soon!
oohhh, you guys are gonna have a baby brother or sister soon!

I’ve also set myself a deadline…those pesky things. I’m vowing to have my manuscript in my editors hand by August 19th.  Which means, I have to be done well before that because I need my BETA READERS to read the draft before I send it her way.

After the editor is done and I’ve reworked her comments, it’s off to be formatted. The cover is already done (just waiting for me to write a blurb, which anyone who has ever written a blurb knows is THE worst thing in the world to do).

THEN, the book will be out.  How is THAT for a solid date???

Sigh. Writing is hard.

it's true.
it’s true.

Danielle Bannister, Author


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