The calm before the storm

So a few days ago I finished up the third draft of PULLED BACK AGAIN and shipped it off to a half a dozen trusted beta readers (people who will read your stuff BEFORE it’s published and tell you what a hunk of crap it is).  I highly recommend them.

Hmmm, not sure if he’d really say that…

It’s only been two days, and already three of the group have responded with two thumbs way up, which is much better than ‘don’t quit your day job.’  I asked them for things they wanted more of and they’ve given me some things to consider. In fact, I’ve already written an additional chapter thanks to one readers suggestion, and I actually really love it. It wouldn’t have ever been written if it hadn’t been for readers like this to tell me what is missing. I’ve grown too close to it. I know the story too well and have cut so much that I can’t remember what’s in and what’s out now! It’s maddening!


Once they come back with their feedback, I’ll kick it over to my editor. Gulp. After those come back, I should have a better feel for when the release day will be, get a cover reveal going, facebook release party and the marketing machine goes into play. In the meantime, I wait. I wait for the other readers to weigh in.

It’s the calm before the storm…

That's me, sitting under that tree.
That’s me, sitting under that tree.







Danielle Bannister, Author



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