Paparazzi karma?

I was in a store the other day, waiting for my turn to cash out, when my eyes drifted to a display much like this one:

The rag mags
The rag mags

We look at them all the time, and often pick one up based solely on what celebrity the paparazzi has caught them doing.  For instance, look at this scandalous pic:

oooooooooooo she's WALKING!!!!
oooooooooooo she’s WALKING!!!!

not racy enough for you?  How about this gem:

Carrying a BABY!
Carrying a BABY!

Standing in line, I found myself disgusted not only by these predators who call themselves artists, but by myself. The human race who continues to pick up and buy these awful magazines and stuff the paparazzi’s pockets with money,

But what can be done about it? There is no law against it. And if the celebrity themselves try to give the paparazzi a ‘taste of their own medicine’ by turning cameras on them, the coverage is only worse for that celebrity as the other vultures go in for the shot. So what’s a celeb to do?

I think I have the PERFECT PLAN.

Celebs are rich. Have them hire a private eye.  Pick a particularly nasty photographer, and follow his moves. Then, hire your own photographers to capture his/her in their element. Then post picks of them, picking their nose, digging in their pants, trying to go to the beach, take them all! Then post them all on every social media on the planet.  Invade the hell out of their privacy until they ALL get a taste of it.  There is no need for the invasive shots they take, but they know those are the shots that pay the most because as humans we thrive on watching others fail.

Come on celebs. Give um what for!


Danielle Bannister, Author




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