Yo! 2013! Here’s your hat. What’s your hurry?

To say that 2013 (or at least the tail end of it) has sucked, would be a bit of an understatement.

Take THAT 2013!
Take THAT 2013!

Let me just share with you a quick list of the precious memories that will be  November and December, 2013, shall we?

1. I got separated.

2. I had to evict some pretty angry looking spiders before moving into my new place. I don’t like spiders.

3. A raccoon decided to crawl down a steep incline behind our house and drag it’s body across the driveway before calling it quits–right under our mailbox. Yum.

4.My new place has mice that like to tease us all with their furry feet because the really expensive “no-kill” stuff didn’t work, nor did the two cats who prefer to play with the mice instead of disposing of them.


5. Winter.  23 inches BEFORE Winter officially started. No snowblower, and three broken shovels, followed by an ice storm that takes down pretty much the entire coastline, leaving us without power, water or heat for the three days leading up to Christmas. Ah, Christmas by candlelight and mittens…. Memories…

6. Broken washing machines, which happen right after you have lost power for three days and are already low on undergarments. (a blog on this will be forthcoming)

oh, yeah and…

7.  An emergency appendectomy for your 9 year old son right before Thanksgiving. Good times.

You want to remove WHAT?
You want to remove WHAT?

As a result of these events, I may have been a tad grumpy lately. Sorry Universe. I promise to be better in 2014.

My next post will be about the POSITIVE things 1213 brought, cause there were some… I think….   😉


Danielle Bannister, a nothing-but-sun-shiny-days-ahead, Author



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