So it dawns on me….

Several things, actually, have dawned on me lately. Not the first of which is that it’s been eons since my last post.

'nuff said
’nuff said

It dawns on me that:

There aren’t enough hours in the day;

I need WAY more sleep than I used to;

I’m pushing forty (gulp);

As a result of the above, I am losing my mind. Like, I can’t remember simple stuff, such as: take your wallet to the store, don’t leave your cell phone at work, bring your keys with you before you lock yourself out. Yeah. Those all happened.

and of course,

The calories I consume are actually sticking around; (that zipper that burst in my jeans had NOTHING to do with that bag of Doritos! Nothing!)

With all these realizations, it also occurred to me that at some point… I might have to… date again.

What the what????

I haven’t dated since the early years of college many moons ago, and even then, I wasn’t very good at that. I’m sure that as time goes on, this won’t feel as intimidating (or perhaps I’m WAY off base there).

My roommate has no problem with the dating thing: that said, she’s only 32, with dimples on the right cheeks. Whereas I am…well, let’s just say… well worn?  Could I really have the guts to put myself out there again?  The thought terrifies me.


Then again, if all else fails, I could be her:

Doesn't she look happy????
Doesn’t she look happy????

Until then, I remain, Danielle Bannister

Struggling Author


2 thoughts on “So it dawns on me….”

  1. Ah, excuse me, I was dating at 46 if you recall… it has worked out pretty well, may I say! (Even though you and Paula thought about duct-taping me to my office chair) I love you guys for that….

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