The B side (Soundtrack of my life (so far) part two)

Okay, today comes the flip side of the soundtrack of my life (so far). Missed the A side? Check it out here

The soundtrack wouldn’t be complete with a little Lada Gaga (I mean, after all, my daughter is going to be her personal assistant when she grows up–before she’s a teacher but after she is a signer)

gagaThe one I picked, however, never became a big hit and it soooo should have. It has the funkiest sound ever, and the song isn’t bad either!  If you haven’t heard TEETH and you enjoy Lady Gaga, give this one a listen. I used to have this cd but I lost it and it has bothered me beyond comprehension that I can’t find it. I don’t like misplacing things! I had to buy the download for this post but now I have it forever and always, so I’m happy.

Listen here: TEETH, ,

Next up, P!nk. If you know me at all you know I wanna be P!nk when I grow up.


That chick is bad ass, and has the chops of no other performer I’ve ever seen. But which song? I love them all! But in the end I have to go with Glitter in the Air. It’s so full of emotion that I get da chills. Then after seeing this video of her singing it???? Please, this woman is a goddess. Take the 3 min and watch the link attached. You’ll love it. Watch HERE. Trust. The lyrics of her songs are what get me. Straight from the gut, the stuff we think but never say. Well, she says it, and she rocks it when she does it.

We now jump to eminem and Rihanna’s Love the Way You Lie.

"that's what happens when a tornado meets a volcano"
“that’s what happens when a tornado meets a volcano”

Now I KNOW the subject matter of the song is of a very unhealthy relationship, but I always look at things from the dramatic side. That song reminds me of one of my favorite plays, Sam Shepard’s Fool For Love.  One of these days I’m gonna write a book based on that song. I like pushing limits, in case you hadn’t figured it out when reading my stuff.

Messed up movie. Me likey
Messed up movie. Me likey

The B side wouldn’t be complete without a Beatle’s song. This was easy.BLACKBIRD Love the simplicity and the hidden message in the lyrics. Easy entry.

and last, but not least…..

Dancing Queen by ABBA.


This song always brings me back to college cast parties. This song was a staple at each one, and I went to  a lot of them. I was typically one of the few who wasn’t stoned or drunk off my ass at these parties so we usually had the dance floor to ourselves. Good times.

So what about you? What songs are a must have on your soundtrack? Post in the comments if you dare.


Danielle Bannister, Author and mixed tape lover


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