Bahama Bound

WOW. It’s been a LONG time since my last post. I have no honest excuse except that I forgot???

Sigh. Getting old folks. Getting old.  But I DID want to put in a post before I went to the BAHAMAS!  That’s right, I said the BAHAMAS!!!!

This is where I will sit and read. ahhhhhh
This is where I will sit and read. ahhhhhh

Now HOW do you ask can I afford such a trip? Well, because my dear friend and co-author, Amy Miles, thought that since we didn’t LIVE in the same state, that perhaps we should spend some time together to finish our book. And what better place than the Bahamas to get work done? (stop laughing…we WILL finish it). So, she bought us a 5 day cruise. Cause she rocks.

This will be my first trip like this. I don’t even know what one brings on a cruise. I mean, I’ll be leaving Maine in boots and arriving in her home state of  South Carolina in sandals. How does one dress for THAT flight???

So, that’s where I’ll be from March 2-9, so there will be no posts, no wifi, just writing…and sun.

If you need to be amused in my absence, you can always catch up on the posts that I’ve been writing with my roommate over at Whine & Wine: How we learned to embrace one and ignore the other

When I return, it should be with a book that is ready to send off to beta readers…. or with a lot of sand between my toes. One of those two things for sure.

Danielle Bannister,

Author and Bahama Mama!


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