Blog Hop 5!

So my good friend and fellow writer, RJ Keller invited me to participate in a Blog Hop. (I had no idea what that meant either, so don’t feel bad.)  Apparently it is when an author answers four questions, then links to the blog of the author who invited her (or him) who has previously answered those same questions, as well as the blog of an author she (or he) has invited to answer the four questions.

Follow??? Well, today is my turn to Hop!


You can find RJ Questions Answered post here. You can find her other places online as well:

RJ Keller’s, Blog/website: http://rjkeller.org 
Twitter: @rjkeller

I’ve invited my friend  T.L. Manning to participate, which she will do next week. I’ll edit this post to include her answers then. In the meantime, you can read more of her stuff here.

Here are my 4 Questions Answered:

1) What am I working on?

Currently, I am partnering up with author Amy Miles  to co-write a fantasy trilogy.  The first book, Netherworld, is in editing and will be out later this year.  Here is a teaser picture from that one:

NW2 (2)

I also have a stand alone women’s fiction I’m working on and I’m toying with another idea, too. 🙂

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I am a sort of less-is-more sort of writer.  I like dialogue to convey the story (probably because of my acting background) so I sort of see everything as though it could be filmed or performed. I see the ‘action’ of the scene. I also love DRAMA, so my stories tend to be a tad…heightened or suspenseful?  I like to keep readers on the edge of their seat, throw curve balls.

3) Why do I write what I do?

I write books that I want to read. I like books that get inside people’s mind and hits some darker subjects. I like to explore how minds work.

4) How does my writing process work?

Some days it doesn’t, ha!  When I do sit down to write though, it is typically in silence. I don’t often write to music. I find myself singing along instead of writing. I type for a bit, then read it out loud, making corrections to what doesn’t sound right as I go. I try really hard to write a full first draft, then a second, then third.  I used to edit one chapter at a time (to death) and then never move forward.  I need to know how the story is going to flow before I edit. Hard lesson to learn.  I don’t outline (well, I did with the co-written book because we kind of had to). I tend to write as my characters want, which can be frustrating when you don’t where your characters are going to travel, but it tends to be my process.

Well, that’s all folks. Be sure to watch out for TL Manning’s post on the 21st!


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