Sad, but true. Achoo.

For those two who follow my blog on a semi-regular basis, you may have been asking yourself: ‘self, why hasn’t there been any new posts from my FAVORITE author, Danielle Bannister, in awhile.’ (what? you didn’t say that?)

Well, folks, the sad, but oh so true reason is a simple one. I forgot my password. Yup. Gone right out of my noggin. So request a new one you say. (Go on, say it.)  (Did you say it?)  Well, I tried that. Three times. Have yet to actually get a message in my inbox telling me how to change said password, as the site claims it would.  How, pray tell, am I posting now then???  Remembered passwords my friends!  My old and turtle-like laptop REMEMBERED MY PASSWORD FOR ME, so I didn’t have to log in!!!! I am a genius! Or, well, my old computer is, either way, here I am.

Miss me????  I’ve missed me too. The healthy, not fever filled, contested, day-quill sucking self.

Aren't I purty?
Aren’t I purty?

Once out of this medicine haze I will be finishing up edits with Amy Miles for NETHERWORLD, hoping to make it ready in the next 6-8 weeks. eeep!  Once that goes into editing we’ll begin writing book two of the trilogy, and I’ll continue work on a few other projects I’ve got going. Working several part time jobs to keep things afloat, and a move in the next few weeks, so the summer is gonna be….interesting.

I’ve also set up a signing in my home town of Skowhegan, Maine, coming up at the end of this month:

Be there!
Be there!

There may be another author there as well, waiting to hear, but I’ll keep you posted (passwords wiling).

For now, my bed calls. Well, it will once I move the two cats that have claimed it.

There is an entire second floor to sleep on boys...
There is an entire second floor to sleep on boys…

Oh and move the spider RIGHT above my pillow. Dude, I’m sick, go spin that web somewhere else!

I like to watch you sleep
I like to watch you sleep

Danielle Bannister, Author and flu sufferer




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