Give away # 6 in the countdown to NETHERWORLD RELEASE

Phew, that’s such a long title! Ok, I know you are all busy and you wanna know who won and what is up for tomorrow. Well, the winner of the signed paperback of Ashlea Burns is…..


Kristy Petree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The crumpled paper had your name on it.

Still waiting to hear from Nandeva about her winning earrings. If anyone has her info, can you let he know to reach me?

What is Giveaway #7?

Steph swag


A swag pack from Author, Stephanie Keyes.  You may have heard me raving on facebook about how awesome her pens are. They have such a fine point!!! I love them, and I’m letting go of TWO, yes TWO of them because I love you all.  And two of her fab bookmarks.  All you need to do? Is go to my Facebook page at Bannister Books and say Howdie.  That’s it! I make this Sooooooooooooo easy. (These will get harder once we hit the double digits)


Danielle Bannister, Author and easy peasy entry lady



3 thoughts on “Give away # 6 in the countdown to NETHERWORLD RELEASE”

  1. Hi,

    I’m elated to have won the earrings. My mailing address is: Nancy DeVault 1386 Thompson Rd. Woodburn, OR 97071

    Thank you for the giveaway!


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