Soooooo, at a facebook party a few days ago, a teaser for NETHERWORLD (Book #1 of the Hallowed Realm trilogy, Amy and I released, captured the attention of a literary management company.

postcard back side with image

After two days of LONG talks, we are very excited to announce that today Amy and I signed with Jo Schaffer of Gandolfo Helin Literary Management. Jo specializes in all things YA and has amazing ideas to bring to this book.

I am kind of flipping out a little.  Neither one of us thought anything like this would happen (if we had, we certainly wouldn’t have marked the heck out of it! haha)

So what does this mean for Netherworld?  With the great expertise that GH Literary brings to the table and their industry connections, Netherworld has already found a home with a traditional publishing house! As you can imagine, we are both surprised and thrilled with this opportunity. 

This does mean that the arrival of Netherworld has been delayed a tad. As you know, it was set to release August 5th, 2014.  With the revisions we are making to strengthen the book, the release will be put back to a later date (but not too far off!).

We know this is last minute, neither of us could have anticipated such an amazing offerNetherworld IS coming, just a little later, and it will be bigger and better!


Danielle Bannister, Author and Agent Represented! (Holy Cow!)


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