Let the pitching begin…………

Okay, so what has been happening since last we spoke? Well, right now I’m writing this post in Amy Mile’s kitchen reading over the final chapters of the our revised book which is officially:

Now with less adverbs!

Now with LESS Adverbs!

We’ve tighten up our synopsis, tweaked our first three chapters and have shipped them off to our agent who will then begin pitching them to book publishers. Who that’s a lot of verbs.

\We leave tomorrow for a Maine signing  (come see us) that we will both be going to, and then we will be back to our daily facebook chats to debate over the use of this word or that.

amy and I at work

This was so much easier, and tastier! Such good pastries there!

While down here Amy viciously nominated me for the Ice Bucket Challenge GRRRRRR. #friendsdontletfriendsfreeze. Check out the facebook some time Thursday for THAT cringe worthy video.

I also got to get some major doggie love from their pup, Molly. Love this dog! And got to learn the xbox from their son. He’s sooooo much better than me!


Amy and her husband Rick have been amazing hosts, stuffing a ton of food down my eager throat!

I will try to post more often once I get back to Maine.  Things will have settled by then, right? RIGHT?


Danielle Bannister, Author and stuffed guest would you




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