Next stop, St. Louis!

I’m finally home after a week away and a book signing in Augusta, Maine. School starts here next week and my other job starts now, so here comes the insanity.  I have taken to writing an hourly schedule in a feeble attempt to take care of everything that needs to get done while also allowing ample time for my kiddos. Hard balance, to be sure.


The next few months are gonna be a little hectic. I have three more signings to do, a book (or two) to finish and two demanding jobs.  (See elephant above)

The next signing is being put on by Amy Miles, and Action for Autism, so of course, I have to go to that!

You can visit the site here.  This is a list of attending authors:

penned con banner

After Penned, I’ll be attending two events with writer buddy, R.J.Keller. We’ll be stopping at Queen City:

queen city

Then heading over to N.E.W.S.


Much debauchery will ensue at those events, you can be sure.

Until then, I will be working to keep my head on straight.

Oh, and making cool images like this one!

Twin Flames Promo


**Get PULLED in, for FREE**


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OR, get the ENTIRE Trilogy

Amazon: http://amzn.to/RIz5Zy


Danielle Bannister, Author and possible owl.





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