What I learned at Penned Con 2014

For those of you who didn’t know, I recently got back from St. Louis, were my dear friends Amy and Rick Miles hosted their first ever author con, and it was DA BOMB!! By far the largest and best run con/signing I’ve ever been to. A sentiment shared loud and clear with all who attended.  The event was a signing, yes, but it was also a fundraiser for Action for Autism, a charity close to their hearts as their only son is autistic. The event managed to raise $1,100 for Action for Autism. It blew us all away, especially the founder who was there for the event.

So what did I learn from this epic adventure?

1. Charity work is cup filling. For sure.

2. The arch in St. Louis, has a pod inside it! That you ride to the top in! No way!!!

Gateway_Arch_TramThis thing seats four people knee to knee. Um, can you say DEATH TRAP!

I don’t CARE what the view is, you are NOT getting me in that thing. NO way. I will take pictures from on the ground thank you very much.


See? View from the Arch thanks to Google. Heartbeat still normal. All is well. And I saved 80 bucks.

3.  I am human, and have my ups and downs. I had my friends Amy and Kari with me (in wine form) for that.

4. Throwing your back out the day you need to fly home is not cool.

5. Indie authors are some of the best people in the world!


What will my next two events teach me????


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