Nanowrimo and my awesomesauce daughter

For anyone following my facebook rants this last month knows that I’ve been trying to win Nanowrimo.


Not sure what that is? Check out this article they did on me over on the Pen Bay Pilot which explains it all.

So yesterday was the last day of November. The last day in which to complete the challenge. My kiddos have seen my struggles. Seen me look at the screen and beg for just 200 more words to come out, night after night. They’ve seen me try to write during the three days that my hands decided to seize up in pain on me and I was forced to write with braces on. They understand that ‘winning’ is just a piece of paper, and a pride thing. They know it was important for mom to try to do it. As the days in November came to a close, it became abundantly clear that I was NOT going to make my goal. Thanksgiving power outages and play rehearsals saw to that. So with a big sigh, I told my daughter who was sitting near me, that I wasn’t gonna win this year either. Being the big softy she is, she came over and gave me a big hug and asked me how many words I did get done. I told her: 43,804. She was really happy about that number, then when back to watching Harry Potter, or so I thought. While I plucked away at working at jobs that actually paid me, my big-hearted daughter was up to something.
After a half hour or so passed, she came up and gave me this:
To my daughter, (and I’m sure my son, who was far too busy playing Minecraft to know that any of this was going on), to them, I am a winner.
I doesn’t get better than that.
Take that, nanowrimo.

2 thoughts on “Nanowrimo and my awesomesauce daughter”

  1. I am proud of you. So many people look at NaNoWriMo as something they fail… Your daughter is absolutely right. Every word on the page you didn’t have before is a win. Because sometimes the battle is at the single word level.

    Well done.

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