Bring it, 2015.

The holiday madness is just about over. There are still boxes full of things that need to be put away and pine needles lurking underfoot, but most of the insanity has died down. Oh, sure, there is still New Years Eve, but let’s be honest. I’m 39. I have two kids. I will be crashing at the same time and will have only watched a few lame kid movies to see the year out. As I said, the craziness is basically done. With it, however, comes the promise of a new year. A chance to kick ass and take names.

The first name I’m gonna kick: Dee, as in the ABC’s of Dee.

The ABCs DEE promoThis is the first book that I’ve put up for pre-order (aside from Netherworld–which got pulled three days prior to because an agent happened to see a promo imaged we had for it on facebook and wanted to represent it. You can read that whole story, HERE. Netherworld is sitting with several NY publishing houses as we speak, awaiting word in the new year….)

So what is a pre-order? A pre-order means is that you are promising to have a book done by a certain date, which means you have to have all your ducks lined up nice and neat. My ducks like to run around and fly away, which is why I was hesitant. See, if you have a pre-order, you need to get your beta readers, your editor and your formatter lined up way in advance. Your cover needs to be done,  your marketing in place, your calendar organized, and oh, yeah, your book on target to be finished. It means you can’t wait around to become inspired, you have to plant your butt in the seat and write, because the pre-order deadline waits for no slackers.  So, while an April 12 release might seem like eons away, it’s not. I need time to finish it (about 1/4 or less left, I think). Then I need to edit it. My beta’s need a few weeks to read it. I need at least a week to go over their comments. Then re-edit after that. Then the editor needs a good chunk of time 2-4 weeks, depending on the size and her schedule, then the formatter needs at least a few days, then you need to load it to the bookstores about a week prior all the while having all your marketing lined up for the actual release…. that leaves very little wiggle room. That said, Dee… you’re going down.


The other name going down is: Doubt.  Yeah, that pesky little dude that likes to tap you on your shoulder every now and again and try to convince you that you can’t reach your goals. That guy. He’s going down in 2015.


The last name (for now) that I have a bone to pick with is: Social Media.


You, time suckers of the universe, have been put on notice. My plan (should I choose to follow it) is to put you on a strict diet. Balance needs to be restored to the brain.

Who is going down in your new year? Let me know in the comments.


Danielle Bannister, author and  name kicker. 






4 thoughts on “Bring it, 2015.”

  1. Thank goodness… I was pretty sure my name would be up there as someone to kick in 2015. *sigh of relief* 🙂

    Doubt ABSOLUTELY has to go. I don’t have time for doubts anymore. And I have someone standing behind me ready to kick my tush, should I let doubt get the better of me. Doubt is the cause that those ducks you’ve so nicely lined up, run off, squawking their heads off.

    Social media is a vicious task master… we need it and need to stay away from it at the same time. *sigh*

    As for Dee?? Get it done, or Danielle goes on someone’s list. *whistles innocently and scampers away*

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