Why is my coffee cold?

It’s a no-brainer when you’re a mom with younger children that your coffee (along with every meal) will be cold. It’s a given. You grow to tolerate the taste of cold coffee and eggs. *shiver. But now that my children are 10 and 12, the days of cold coffee SHOULD be behind me, right? Sadly, no. My coffee still always manages to be cold. What follows is an incomplete list of the reasons why.

  1. I put the cup down somewhere and now I can’t find it.
  2. A kid needs breakfast, forcing me to put down my perfectly tempered cup to feed my spawn. (Sure, I could let them make their own breakfast, but the mess they leave behind isn’t worth it. Trust me.)
  3. Bilbo has my legs held hostage.

    Can't. Feel. My. Legs.
    Can’t. Feel. My. Legs.
  4. A kid gets hurt, needs a cuddle, or can’t find a thing that they can’t live without or they’ll parish a horrible death.
  5. Seriously, though, where did I put my cup?
  6. I got distracted by the latest Buzzfeed post.
  7. The cat pooped and because of this, it must be tended to immediately.  Small house, big smell.
  8. Someone sent me an instant message/e-mail and I forgot about time and space until my lips touch cold coffee, causing my gag reflex to take over.
  9. The stupid warmer part on my coffee maker only stays warm for an hour and naturally, I wanted to ‘freshen up’ my coffee at 1 1/2 hours.
  10. My microwave is too far away to bother reheating… wait, the microwave. That’s where my coffee cup is.

One of these days I shall buy one of those coffee warmers you can plug into the wall and keep your cup on, but knowing me, I’ll forget to turn it off and thereby burn down my house. Sigh. Guess I need to just drink faster.


Danielle Bannister, and hot coffee sipper. 




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