CAUTION: Book Under Construction

With the release day of May 25 looming on Enigma, I find I’m growing more and more anxious. Par for the course for an author.The final, final, no really–this is the LAST time I’m going to read this book for edits phase, is currently underway.  As is the hair pulling phase, the cursing phase, and the self-doubt phase. It happens with every book I release, so I really shouldn’t be surprised, and yet, at this stage of the game, it always consumes me.

Under Construction

This is the phase that you question every word you wrote. “Would he really say that?” “Would her face really make that expression just then?” and the inevitable: “Do we even like this plot?”

At some point, we as authors, need to let out books go. We have to stop the incessant nit-picking and just let it take on a life of its own. For me, that will be on May 15 when I have to upload the final version to meet pre-order rules Gulp. Until then, I shall be knee deep in doubt and subtle word changes and wishing I had thought to give myself more time on this final-final stage of edits.

Once I’m finished with my tweaks, I shall start posting the playlists I’m creating, the swag I’m creating (and sharing) and other fun things I have planed, so stay tuned.

When I watch fire square

Danielle Bannister, Author and nit-picker of words


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