Penned Con 2016, the countdown is on

10 points if you sang that
10 points if you sang that

In just a few weeks, I’ll be loading my tired butt out of my house before the sun rises to catch a plane to St. Louis to attend Penned Con. An epic reader/author event. It started 3 years ago, by my author pal, Amy Miles, and her husband, Rick. They wanted to host an author event that would benefit a local charity: Action for Autism, a charity close to their hearts as their son is autistic. When she asked me to come aboard that first year, of course, I said yes.

Now, 3 years later, it remains one of the best signings I’ve ever attended, year after year. It’s the best, not only because they give all the profit of the event (which they also fund-raise for) to Action for Autism, but it’s also a two-day event that is more than just a signing. Check out this schedule! 

It’s two days to look at books, connect with authors, vendors, meet new readers, pick up fun swag, and attend fun and informative panels. This event is rather unique, as it gives readers and authors several opportunities to engage with each other in fun and exciting ways. There is even a Nerf war planned where readers and authors will battle together at! The event is finished off with a Luau themed dinner (complete with a roasted pig!) and awards show/dance party.  It’s no wonder it’s my favorite. I mean, check out this floor plan, we’ve taken up an entire floor of this hotel!!!

penned-con-floorWith roughly 150 attending authors and 900 tickets sold to date, it’s going to also be the largest event I’ve ever been to. I have been honored to be nominated for one of the awards: Best One Liner, and will be speaking on one of the panels, ACK! To make my heart pump a little harder, we also just got our seating chart. The row I’m sitting in has some pretty heavy-hitters, so I’m wigging out slightly over here.

You can bet that I’ll be taking lots of pictures to share with you. Until then, I can only hope I packed enough books and swag!

Danielle Bannister, Author and Penned Con Attendee


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