The Show Must Go On…

For those who live in the New England area, you know that we are living under two plus feet of snow (with another 6-10 inches coming tomorrow).


Yeah. That’s the end of a shovel just barely sticking out of the snow bank. It’s snowmageddon here, which, as a Mainer, I’m used to. We have shovels, we have plows, we have winter gear. It’s still annoying. It brings things to a halt for a few days…which normally isn’t an issue, but I have a play opening on FRIDAY!!!  I haven’t performed in a play for YEARS. I wanted to dip my toe back into acting…you know, try out for a small role maybe, and instead got cast in the first show of the year as a lead. Go big or go home, right? The ironic part? the play is about two people stuck at an airport due to, wait for it…a blizzard. So long as that blizzard stops by Friday, we’ll be set (and so far the weather is looking fine for the first weekend.)

And now, here it is the week we open. (Ack!) I’ll be honest. I started this whole journey with much trepidation. A two person show means half of the lines are on my shoulders and as I said, I hadn’t acted in many, many moons. Could I still do it? Could this 41-year-old brain still remember lines, let alone THAT MANY? Could I still remember not to upstage people, find my light and use my gut to speak loudly? On top of that, I had never worked with the director or the other lead and this is a very intimate play…lots of laughs, tears, and kissing. Full on make out scene! (That’s sort of a bonus part of being an actor…) Sure, the script was great but how would the three of us work together? Would we gel? Could we do the show justice?

Over the course of the rehearsals, we all eased into the material. Got comfortable working with the words and with each other, and slowly, things all began to align.  Lines begin to stay in the old noggin, blocking began to click and before we knew it, tech week was upon us. For you non-theatre people, tech week is the week before the show goes up, where you add in lights, sound, costume, makeup…begin working with the real props…In short, it’s a week where a LOT is thrown at you; new things to get used to. Suddenly, lights are blinding you, music is playing under dialogue you knew would be there but are now hearing for the first time for and that quick change you have to make, is a lot faster than you bargained for. But it’s fine because you have that week to figure it out…A week to practice hearing those sound cues. A week to adjust to the lights. A week to figure out how to set that costume in just the right way so you make it on stage on time.

Well, you have that week if you aren’t dumped on by snow. Two of our tech rehearsals were lost to this storm.

But never fear! We are professionals, with a kick-ass show that I’m really excited (and nervous) to perform for local peeps. This entire process has reignited my desire to act, as I knew that it would. It’s a rush, much like writing is. Getting to step into someone else’s shoes for a moment and live another life. It’s pure joy.

So, if you’re in the area, come check us out!


Shooting Star, written by Steven Dietz

You can find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/events/395809237436838/


Danielle Bannister, Author AND Actress 


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