Countdown Time!

Fall is always a busy time of year for me. School/work/kids sports…but this year I have three uber fun things to count down for!  Here they are in order of occurrence:

1. Penned Con

2017 Banner.jpg

This is my 4th year attending this event and it is, by far, my favorite signing to go to. It’s hosted by one of my besties and her husband Amy and Rick Miles, and all of the profits from the event go to a local St. Louis Charity: Action for Autism. Their son has autism and they wanted to find a way to give back. What better way than to get the book community together!

Check out that author line up! It’s a huge two-day event that is likely to bring in over 1,000 readers! Plus, it’s not just a signing…oh no. It’s a conference too. They have kick-ass Keynote speakers, panels for authors and readers alike, a PJ party, a casino night, a DJ dance party, awards, and three-course meals! Not to mention it’s a weekend that I get to see so many of my online friends, meet fans and make new connections. I have so much fun with it that I’m actually flying out early so I can help set up. Wanna learn more, you can do so here: https://pennedcon.com/ 

2. Netherworld Releases

Teaser image slim

This release has been literal years in the making. It was set to come out in 2014, but, well…that’s a long story. A story some of you know if you’ve followed the blog. Suffice it to say, this baby has been through hell and back. After many re-writes and character tweaking, we are ready to release it into the book world. If you follow me on Facebook Amy and I are releasing new information about the book every Thursday leading up to its release. If you aren’t following me and would like to, you can do so here: Facebook Author Page

Wanna pre-order your copy? You can do that here:

3. Books in Vacationland

books in vacationland logo
October 14 from 10:00-3:00 in Portland, Maine

I’m really excited for this signing. There are so few that happen in my own home state and this is only a few hours away! This is an opportunity for me to touch base with some of my favorite local authors and to meet some out of state ones traveling to our beautiful state to do so. If you’re local and wanna come say ‘hi’ you can find out more about the event and tickets here:

If you’re driving down and wanna pre-order a book to make sure I’ll have what you want on hand, you can do so here.

Phew! So much coming up! I think I need a nap. Hehe


Danielle Bannister, author and busy-bee



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