The Power of Positivity

The Power of Positivity?

I’ve heard this phrase a lot lately: Like attracts like. Meaning, you get what you give out. If you are a positive, outgoing person, those sorts of outcomes seem to fall into your lap. Whereas, if you have a dark cloud over your head, it seems to follow you wherever you go. You put out positive energy, positive energy finds you. You put out negative, negative energy latches on. Which, I notice to be true in my own life. I have friends who are just bursting with sunshine and rainbows despite what’s thrown at them and others who never seem to catch a break no matter how hard they try. Why is that? Could it really a simple mindset that is blessing or cursing us?

I mean, it seems too easy to think that it’s merely our own energy that shapes our destiny? Or maybe it’s really that hard.

Case in point. The other day, I went to see my folks for a belated Christmas due to a blizzard on the actual holiday. My mom put me and my kiddos up in a local hotel so we could spend extra time together. The hotel room was spacious and the kids love sleeping over. All was good and right with the world. Then the muffled talking from the room next door happened as we settled into bed. Followed by loud music, odd and random tapping noises and finally, dogs winning. At midnight, it was hard to find the positivity in the situation. But I tried, nonetheless, and believe it or not, the noise stopped. The children fell asleep, as did I. Coincidence? Probably. So I tried again.

The next day we drove home with a carload of gifts in the car in sub-zero temps. We were all eager to get home and nap, unpack and chill for a bit. It had been a LONG few days for me and I was really craving my couch. Alas, a rest was not in the cards. During the night away, my pipes had frozen. Deep breaths were taken. Exhausted from a night of no sleep, I called my landlord’s son since my landlord was away for a few days, naturally, and he came over to help.

Though it took four hours and two propane heaters under my house to do the trick, eventually the sound of running water filled the air. Huzzah! Did my positive energy do the trick there? Not likely, as I was a grumpy Gus most of the time, but maybe my son’s energy helped? He gave me no less than three hugs in that time because he thought I needed them. I sure did, buddy. I sure did. He could FEEL that the energy in the house was different. He told me as much and he hated that feeling. With his hugs, he was trying to bring balance back. I, for one, think it helped.

So does positive thinking help? Maybe? Maybe not. Therefore, this realist and snarky, self-deprecating soul is going to give it a whirl. I’m going to try…no… Do or do not. There is no try (Thanks, Yoda.) Starting in January, I’m going to work REALLY hard at changing my mindset to favor the scale of positivity, vs keeping the light and dark in balance as is my Libra way.

like attracts like


Over the next year, I’ll keep you updated now and again on my progress, which I anticipate will be bogged down by my own cynicism, but I’ll work to get out of my own way. Heck, I may even start a facebook group if people wanna join in the experiment.

Having said that, are there books or words of wisdom you can share as I begin this journey of positivity? I’ve ordered a couple to get me going but could use some more. If you found a good one for yourself drop the suggestions in the comments. I have a feeling I may need some help along the way!


Danielle Bannister, author and attitude changer


1 thought on “The Power of Positivity?”

  1. Good for You, Danielle. I am going to start the New Year with your new attitude, Starting with being smoke free in 2018 and beyond. You have inspired me, and if you do start up a Positivity Group, I will most certainly join. Thank you

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