And now for something completely different…

Some of you may remember me talking about signing a contract a few months ago to write a novella for the shared world called Havenwood Falls. Well, now that my next release is in ‘Marketing Mode’ that means this is next in the queue.  This novella of roughly 20k doesn’t release until November, but I need to put fingers on the keyboard, stat, but I’m terrified.

Why? Three reasons.

  1. This is fantasy. Not my genre. But wait, you say. You wrote Netherworld with Amy Miles. Surely you can write fantasy! It was about Banshees! Well, yes. And also no. AMY wrote the fantasy elements. I wrote the humans. I dipped a toe into fantasy but didn’t get in the pool.
  2. It’s a shared world. That means there are many different authors writing characters all in the same town.  A supernatural town that has lots of supernatural beings. Each with their own lore. There is a new novella EVERY MONTH in this world so that’s a lot of new data. We use an online bible of information to help us all get it right, but trying to wrap all this information around my noggin is challenging.
  3. It’s about ghosts. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I’m terrified of ghosts. Things that go bump in the night do not make me a happy camper so WHY oh WHY did I pick ghosts???shadows-of-hands-and-humans-in-gloomy-room-USE Photo Credit

So what’s a romance author to do when challenged to write fantasy? Pour herself a bowl of BBQ chips, turn the coffee pot on, and write. (During the day, with all of the lights on.)

Danielle Bannister, Author and fraidy-cat 


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