Today, I take it all off…

The wrapping of my cover reveal that is. What did you think I meant? 😉

Over the last year, I’ve been working on a book that is set in Bucksville, NH. This is the same fictional town that Doppelganger took place in. I’m working on a series of books that will all take place in this same small town. They will all be stand alones but they will have some small crossover characters that act as Easter eggs for those that read all the books.

This will be the second book in this Later in Life Romance series. Today I reveal not only the cover but the actual name of the book too! Eeep!

must love coffee mk1

World, I introduce you to Must Love Coffee.

Here is the blurb in a bigger font.

Must Love Coffee. That was the first requirement coffee shop owner, Finn Allen, insisted upon in his ad for a new barista.

He wasn’t expecting his valedictorian, coffee-hating nemesis, Samantha Whitman, to answer the ad, or for her to look smoking after all these years.

It was too bad she was married because that’s a line Finn, a recovering playboy, wouldn’t cross. Things get muddy, however, when Sam turns to him for comfort during a crisis.

Can Finn keep his emotions in check or will he screw things up yet again?

The book is set for a March 13th release but you can pre-order it here:



dopp and mlc

If you missed out on Doppelganger, you can find that here:


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