Get by with a little help from my friends

When an author types those two wonderful words “The End,” it’s a euphoric and daunting feeling. Relief that phase 1 is over, dread that the journey to the finish line is still so very far away.

For my latest release, Must Love Coffee, I am in the finale and hardest part of the book’s life: the marketing end. For many authors, this is where we flail around on the ground like a fish out of water with no idea what to do now that the words are done. I am no exception. I want to get back to the water. Back to the keyboard to create more stories.

Or maybe that’s just me as the introvert wanting to hide in the writing cave. Marketing, for me, is an extroverted task. It’s the time where you have to say, “Hey, look at me and my book! Buy it, buy it!” *shivers. That kind of stuff makes me feel slimy.  And yet, it’s a necessary evil.

Which is why I put out a plea to friends. I’m getting a list together of people willing to share the release day information on March 13 on whatever social media outlet they want. Willing to help? Fill out this super quick form HERE.

I also wanted to let you know that I’ve put Doppelganger on sale for 0.99 in anticipation of this release.

dopp and mlc sale and pre order

The plan right now, is to have four books in this Later in Life Romance series. None of them need to be read in any particular order, but they all take place in the same town of Bucksville, New Hampshire so there will be some Easter Eggs for those that read them all. 🙂  These are light-hearted romance reads.

While Must Love Coffee is in marketing mode, I’m in writing mode for two other titles. I’m working with Amy Miles on the sequel to Netherworld and my novella for the Havenwood Falls series. The final two books in the Later in Life Romance series are in first draft and outline formats so stay tuned there.

And finally, I’ll be doing a LIVE broadcast with my writing pal, RJ Keller, Tuesday, Feb. 13 at 7pm EST for our Valentine’s Special of Between Two Couch Cushions.

Feb 13

Okay, that’s all for now. Remember, if you wanna help spread the word about my next release I’d be super grateful. You can commit your support  HERE.

Danielle Bannister, Author and book pusher



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