Happy book birthday, Must Love Coffee!

It’s Release Day for Must Love Coffee!

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A later in life romance about a coffee shop owner and the barista who loathed it.
Must Love Coffee. That was the first requirement coffee shop owner, Finn Allen, insisted upon in his ad for a new barista.
He wasn’t expecting his valedictorian, coffee-hating nemesis, Samantha Whitman, to answer the ad, or for her to look smoking after all these years.
It was too bad she was married because that’s a line Finn, a recovering playboy, wouldn’t cross. Things get muddy, however, when Sam turns to him for comfort during a crisis.
Can Finn keep his emotions in check or will he screw things up yet again?


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“An amusing, yet touching story from a male’s point of view! Finn and Sam’s hate to love romance transpires while helping each other mend their hearts.” ~ Josie Bordeaux, Author of Alluring Promises series

“I loved this book. It’s different. The characters felt real. He is not a 20 or 30-something man with abs of steel. She isn’t a model type of woman with sultry moves. Now, don’t get me wrong I do love those characters. What I am saying is Finn and Sam are different. I need and crave different once in awhile so I am glad I read this book.”  Sandra Shipman ~ Two Book Pushers

“You don’t need to love coffee to love Must Love Coffee! I love the tender and honest presentation of his feelings as he rediscovers what is important to him. The transformation of all the characters is both beautiful and believable. I highly recommend reading “Must Love Coffee”, even if you don’t. “-Jeanne McCartney


Devil's Work.jpg

“Let me guess, you’re a tea lover?” They were the worst sort of person. I felt myself shiver.
“I do drink tea, yes.” Her voice was strong.

“I should have waited for you to avert your eyes. No one needs to see this body sober.”

“How exactly did I ruin your plan to become a crazy cat lady?”


MUST LOVE COFFEE (A Later in Life Romance)

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Companion Novel Sale

Must Love Coffee takes place in the same fictional town of Bucksville, New Hampshire. This is just one of several Later in Life Romance stories planned for Bucksville. The first stand-alone book I wrote in this town was Doppelganger. It’s currently on sale for .99 cents if you want to find a few Easter Eggs in crossover characters!

dopp and mlc

DOPPELGANGER (A Later in Life Romance)

Amazon  Smashwords   iBooks   Nook   Kobo   Paperback



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