Catching my breath

The month of April has certainly been a whirlwind of a month. Snowstorms aside, the days have flown by. It’s been a busy spell of signings, working vacations, and catching up with old friends.

First up, in early April, R.J. Keller and I attended the Belfast Farmer’s Market. We spent five hours trying to convince the produce purchasing pedestrians that they needed a copy of our books as well. What trip to a farmer’s market is complete without some good reading material? Surprisingly, the time went by quickly as people darted in and out of the marketplace. And, oddly enough, we each managed to make some sales.

Farmer's Market Fun

The week prior to the event we made some swag up to give away and somehow managed to Tetris-style our dual set up on the small 4-foot table. In the moments we were not engaged with customers, we people watched. R.J. created an entire novel based on a few people milling around. You’re never safe in the company of authors. Fair warning.

The following week, I drove to Boston for the Talkbooks Author Event signing. I picked up Amy Miles from her flight in and we spent the day before the event in a conference room plotting out some of the second book in our Hallowed Realms Trilogy.  Friday night, Randi Cooley Wilson treated Amy and I and a few other authors to a most DELICIOUS meal at her husband’s restaurant. the Coach Grill. Properly stuffed, we were ready to set up for the signing the following day. The turn out was amazing and lots of books were sold and swag passed out. Over 700 pieces! (That means I get to make more now! Yay!!!)

Talkbooks fun

After a hopping after party, Amy and I drove home…in freezing rain…for four hours. That was a bit of a white-knuckle drive for me and my tiny car.

For the next seven days, I had Amy for a write-in. In that week, we got 56,000 exactly done on the sequel. Not a finished first draft but a pretty hefty dent!

I’m still recovering from it all, but had an epic time at each one!

Next week, I’ll be diving into the remaining chapters of our first draft as well as starting draft two of my Havenwood Falls novella.

Until then, I’ll be napping…and doing laundry.

Danielle Bannister, author and exhausted mama.

P.S.  I’ve also started a closed Facebook Reader’s Group if you want to join in. I share fun memes, and book info and such. You can join here.


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