Summer lovin’

Summer is almost upon us. I can see the wasps outside searching for just the right place to put their nest so that 50% of them will end up getting stuck inside my house, the black flies and noseeums have swarmed into the sky, and all of the other bitting, flying, and generally creepy critters, have returned to the INSIDE lining of my windows screens meaning I can’t open my windows all summer long.


With all the nasties of nature, comes a blessing. The yin to the yang if you will. While the bugs are rampant there is much anticipation for summer to arrive, because with it, comes a few weeks off from the day job. It’s a time that I enjoy with my kids (while still trying to figure out a way to cram school-like knowledge into their noggins), mentally unpack the brain from the stress of said job, and, of course, write.

This summer, I’m also tossing in doing a play, and the movie I’m shooting will pick up again, because why not roast to death under stage lights in the hell that is summer?


The ‘experts’ seem to think that if you write down your goals, there is a greater chance you’ll succeed in achieving them. In that vein, I’m hoping to do the following writing wise this summer.

*Finish my Havenwood Falls Novella (this is a contractual obligation so I better do it. Ha!)

*Publish Hollow Earth with Amy Miles (Ideally, have it ready to bring to Penned Con in September, but that is a really big MAYBE.)

*Start draft 2 of the third book in my Later in Life Romance stand-alone-series (that’s an oxymoron, I know.) This book takes place at the grocery store featured in Doppelganger, which is just down the street from Must Love Coffee.

If there is time/sanity left, I’d like to put down some new words to the last book in the above series.

I think that’s enough goals for the month and a half I get off. Probably a bit too many but dream big or go home, yes?

What are your summer goals?


Danielle Bannister, Author, and avoider of all the bugs. 




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