Summer kickoff!

School is finally out and summer has officially begun. That means I have packed away the hats and mittens (and my space heater, thank you very much.) The days of frozen fingers while I type have gone away (at least until October.)

Summer is when I try to get as much writing related projects done as possible, which can be tricky since the kids aren’t in school but much more manageable now that they are in middle-school. (I also have a plan to get daily work done…keep reading.)

Currently, I’m working on edits for my Havenwood Falls novella that will come out in November and the second draft of book two in the Hallowed Realms Trilogy that I’m co-writing with Amy Miles (psst…she has a book releasing today!  From the Embers.) We’re hoping to release book 2 in October depending on how smooth this round of edits goes.

I’m also working on the 3rd and 4th books in my Later in Love Romance series that take place in the same small town that Doppelganger and Must Love Coffee take place in.

Throw into the mix that I’m also in rehearsals for the Mark Twain play, Is He Dead? with the Belfast Maskers and filming has started again for the series Brackish Waters with Route 51 Productions, and that adds up to a busy few months.

But wait, there’s more! This summer I’m partnering up with the Belfast Creative Coalition to become the town’s writer in residence so to speak. I’ll be working with local downtown businesses, taking my laptop (or Alphasmart) and working in their shop for a few hours. They will have a photographer to capture snapshots of where I’ll be and what funny faces I make when I type! I’ll be posting on social media and here as well about how this adventure transpires. I think this will be a fun way to not only force my butt into the chair, so to speak, but also a cool way to highlight local businesses in a unique way.

And if you happen to be in Belfast, Maine today (June 22) at 5:30, stop by the Post Office. A few Maine authors, myself included, will be reading from their work.


Stay tuned, lots of summer adventures await!


Danielle Bannister

Author and doer of all the things



2 thoughts on “Summer kickoff!”

  1. Hi. Will brackish waters be viewable soon? And where can i go to view it? Have fun on your adventures!! Xo

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