It’s time to take it all off…

It’s Cover Reveal Time!!!

Amy Miles and I, Danielle Bannister, are excited to share our cover reveal for Book 2 of the Hallowed Realms Trilogy, HOLLOW EARTH.


Many thanks to Amy Queau at Q Designs for making our vision come to life! We looked long and hard to find the perfect looking Prince Aed for this cover. Keeping with the theme of the character’s eye color as the lettering, Book 2 had to go with silver!

This is going to look so nice next to Book 1, NETHERWORLD! Two cool eyes staring out from the spines!!! Can’t wait to see that!

netherworld mk6

Blurb for Hollow Earth


Ferrying the dead used to be my job. Kicking Lorcan arse was my duty. Now I’m stuck pretending to be a bloody Royal. Thanks to Prince Aed’s rash attempt to save my life, I’m forced to live under the Queen’s disapproving eye. I’m being whisked from one end of Netherworld to the other so Aed can court girls she deems more eligible than me. I am trying to accept my new role as Aed’s betrothed, but my rebellious heart refuses to leave Devlin in my past. As we draw nearer to the Wall separating my realm from the beasts of Hollow Earth, I can feel something is different. The Lorcan souls are changing and that scares the shite out of me. I’ll need Aed and his army by my side if we hope to win the war heading our way, but time will tell if that’s as a friend or his new bride.


As a mere human, I never thought I’d fall for a Banshee, but when I met Taryn as she came through the veil of the Netherworld, I was lost to her. Once I find her again, I’ll get her out of the womanizing hands of Prince Aed, get my best mate, Seamus, the help he needs, before those evil Lorcan beasts strike again. Taryn has warned me time and again about the dangers that lurk in her world and to stay away. I can’t do that. Not from her. Even if it means I have to walk into hell to find her.

Pre-Order Links (Releasing Oct. 30)

(Pre-orders will be $0.99, but will go up to $3.99 after release!!!)

Amazon: Coming soon!!

iBooks: http://bit.ly/HollowEarthBook2

Smashwords: http://bit.ly/HollowEarthSW

Nook: http://bit.ly/HollowEarthNook

Kobo: http://bit.ly/HollowEarthKobo


Amy and I are in the final stretch with this manuscript now. It goes to the editor next week. EPP!

Stay tuned to the blog for more info about this and other releases coming your way this year!


Danielle Bannister, Author and revealer of covers


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