Penned Con prep has begun…

This is my 5th year doing Penned Con, and you’d think I’d be used to how much stuff I have to bring. I’m not. Flying to any signing makes things hard. That pesky 50 lb suitcase limit is a nail-biter every time.

Er…I don’t need clothes.


The big case has my pre-ordered books, that ziplock monster is all swag, then some table display stuff crammed in. My smaller case will have more swag, my book rack, and somewhere in there, some clothes to wear. I’ve shipped to a friend 4 boxes of books and a box of my heavy swag. Let’s hope I get rid of the books AND the swag or else the flight home is going to be interesting…

Even though Penned isn’t until next month, my stress for making sure I have everything packed begins now. Whether or not everything I NEED will FIT into two checked bags remains the question of the month. Stay tuned.


Danielle Bannister, author and Tetris-bag-stuffing-machine


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