I was saving this for Friday, but Amazon had the pre-order up and ready in record fashion, so without further ado, the cover and title reveal for my smexy novella releasing March 29, 2019!!!


“I have a huge favor to ask.”

Chloe Clark, a thirtysomething waitress, and Liam McGeary, her socially awkward bestie of seven years, were close. Movie nights with popcorn, coffee shop catch-ups, and take out Tuesdays. Their friendship was unique. Zero sparks. Perfectly platonic. 

Until Liam asked Chloe for help with a problem. A problem he only trusted his bestie to teach him: help with kissing. He had a date with a former high school sweetheart and he was embarrassingly…inexperienced. 

Although Chloe was shocked by the request, Liam wasn’t hard on the eyes and she did love to kiss. Helping him was a no-brainer. He just needed the first 100 kisses under his belt, then he’d be all set for his date. 

What Chloe hadn’t counted on, was liking it. A favor that started out as a play-book of moves quickly turned into something dangerously steamy. 

Something neither one of them were prepared for.


Paperback: coming soon

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for teasers and the first chapter sneak peek!


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