I have the March Madness

And no, I don’t mean the sportsball thingy.

This has been a wildly insane March, and it’s only half over! Both my children have large parts in a school musical, Mary Poppins, playing Jane and Bert, which opens this weekend. This means lots of late nights until Friday. That’s fine. All good. I’m used to that. But I also have rehearsals for a different show. And I’m helping with the kid’s makeup in Poppins. Oh, and releasing a book on the 29th. Why did I think March would be a good month to release? Good gravy!

Anywho, I wanted to pop the blog to assure you the release is still happening. Just got the paperbacks squared away and the final versions of the ebooks uploaded. I recorded a snippet of the first chapter on facebook if you wanna take a look at that you can do that here.

Ten days, people. The book drops in ten days. Commence screaming.

The First 100 Kisses- a novella by Danielle Bannister (Pre-Order)


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