I’ve been a bad author…

I blinked and March was over. April is starting to feel the same. In the midst of getting a new release out…(The First 100 Kisses) and rehearsing for a play I’m in (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime) and starting prep work for a show I’m stage managing in the summer (Into the Woods) I feel like I’ve barely had time to sleep, let alone, write.

Still, I have been doing some writing, not to fear, just not as much as normal. I’m still reading through the third draft of a book in the Later in Life Romance series, which already includes Doppelganger and Must Love Coffee and I am at the point where I am hating the book, so that means it’s almost ready for an editor or the recycle bin. Too soon to say which.

I’m also working on handwriting a sequel to The First 100 Kisses, more as a writing exercise than anything else. Apparently, Neil Gaiman writes all his first drafts by hand, using a different color fountain pen for each day so he can see his progress. The idea intrigued me so I bought a new journal and some gel pens (because I’m not that fancy, Neil) and am giving it a whirl. No clue if this will come to anything or not, but I do enjoy sitting on the couch with paper and pen when writing so maybe it will work??? When it’s finished, I’ll transfer the notes onto the computer, doing a second edit as I go, leaving some words on the physical paper, and flushing out new ones on the keyboard. In theory, it works great.

R.J. Keller and I are still working on our novel which is in second draft form, and Amy Miles and I are still working on the final book in the Hallowed Realms Trilogy of which Netherworld and Hollow Earth are a part of.

I recently got it paperback copies of The Lurkers Within and The First 100 Kisses if anyone is needing a signed copy in the US, just let me know and I can send you an invoice.

Because of the craziness of the last few weeks, I’ve not been able to write as many blog posts, or post to social media, Pinterest, newsletters, etc., so for that, I apologize. Bad author! But things should be calming down soon, so more words will come, muse willing. Stay tuned and stay awesome!


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